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For Beginners

  The basics -- Lessons on how to play bridge

 Introduction Hand evaluation Slam bidding
 Bridge glossary Which suit to respond? Defense: Opening leads
 Bidding "cheat sheet" Responder's bids in competition Defense: Play & signals
 Opening 1-bids Responding to 1NT Declarer Play: Forming a Plan
 Opening and rebidding minors Overcalls & takeout doubles Declarer Play: Establishing Tricks
 Responding to an opening 1-bid The redouble Declarer Play: The Finesse
 Opening 2-bids (strong) Game-try bids Declarer Play: Simple Odds
 Opening 2-bids (weak) The reverse by opener Declarer Play: Hold-up Plays
 Opening 3-bids The rest of the auction Rubber-bridge strategy
 Opening 4-bids Forcing & non-forcing bids Quick tips to improve your game


  Learning to play bridge -- How to get started, and get better

Bridge for Beginners and Beyond

  A self-teaching guide to good bridge for
  beginning and intermediate players.

 Updated and expanded 18th edition, featuring
 new material on the 2-over-1 system.

    Why play bridge?  Developing your "card sense"
    Group classes & self-teaching     FREE Learn to Play Bridge software
    On-your-own activities to build skills       Web links to good sites for learners



For Advancing Players

  Lessons and convention summaries -- For experienced beginners and intermediates

 Balancing over 1-bids Michaels & Unusual 2NT overcalls Bidding over opponents' preempts
 Balancing over other auctions Cuebids of the opponent's suit Advancing partner's bid over a preempt
 New Minor Forcing Jacoby transfers Lebensohl over weak two-bids
 Negative doubles Jacoby 2NT major-suit raise Lebensohl in 1NT auctions
 Opening lead strategies Drury convention Lebensohl over reverses
 Trump leads & lead conventions DONT convention "Law" of Total Tricks
 Lead-directing doubles Roman Keycard Blackwood 5-level decisions
 Lead-directing penalty doubles What is 4NT? "Sandwich seat" bids
 Counting the Hand - Part 1  &  Part 2 Accepting game-try bids Soloway-Style Jump Shifts

  Duplicate bridge

IMP (teams) strategy Matchpoint (pairs) strategy Web links for duplicate players

Discover the Fun & Challenge of Duplicate -- a booklet on duplicate play, scoring, customs & strategies.   PDF format


For Intermediate to Advanced Players

  Advanced bidding conventions and treatments

 2-over-1 Game-Force System Opener's Jump-Reverse Your 2C Bidding Structure  (4 parts)
 Forcing Notrump Convention Defenses to 2-Suited Overcalls  (3 parts) New ideas: Below-Game Asking Bids (J Maloney)
 Improving the 2-over-1 System Negative freebids (5 parts)  
 2-over-1 partnership checklist Strong Jump Shifts  (3 parts)  

  ACBL Bridge Bulletin articles -- Opening Leads, Counting, Troubles with Redoubles, "12 Habits" series


For Players of All Skill Levels

District 8 Advocate newsletter -- Bridge features, Solvers Forum column & Midwest bridge news.
     Published bi-monthly by ACBL District 8.
of previous issues & Solvers Forum columns.

  District 8 Online -- Homepage of District 8 of the American Contract Bridge League (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri)

  Bridge Bulletin article -- On bridge and basketball

  Flashes of brilliance -- Bridge feats & fun (all true) from my favorite partners & team-mates

 The one that got away If I had bid hearts ... Sometimes, pessimism pays off
 Toby and the Passion Coup Count, count, count The Obvious Solution  (a bridge poem)
 A rare trump squeeze A nightmare on opening lead Concentration  (another bridge poem)
 The missing redouble cards Never put down an 8-card suit in dummy Bridge & poker  (interview with Barry Greenstein)

Bridge books and software

Bridge Bookstore -- Recommendations and reviews of good books for beginner, intermediate and  advanced players, with links for discounted purchases from

Newest bridge books

Bridge for Beginners and Beyond -- A self-teaching guide and class textbook 

"Learn to Play Bridge" software -- Teach yourself to play with these free programs from ACBL

Online clubs -- Links to multi-player bridge games on the Internet

Try a free week of OKbridge

Free online bridge & Vugraph

  Download a free demo of
  Bridge Baron software


Bridge in Champaign-Urbana IL

Bridge at Ginger Creek -- Champaign-Urbana's community bridge center     Game results with hand records     Club photo album

Local bridge lessons

Illini Regional Tournament -- May 21-27, 2019 (Memorial Day), Holiday Inn (formerly Hawthorn Suites), Champaign IL 


And some personal stuff . . .

 A brief photo album          A tribute to my first bridge teacher 

Christmas letters, travelogues & photos: 

England 2001

Ireland 2003

Scotland 2004                        

France 2006 article & photos               

Hawaii 2006                        

Alaska & DeNali 2010

South Africa 2011   

Peru 2013
   Newspaper story           

Galapagos Islands 2013
   Newspaper story 

Tanzania 2014
   Newspaper story 1 & 2 

Rhine River & Amsterdam 2016     

Sydney & New Zealand 2016     

Tanzania 2017



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For when the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name,
He marks not that you won or lost, but how you played the game.

                                            -- Grantland Rice