Weak Two-Bids

Weak Two-Bids are popular because they allow you to preempt more often (making it difficult for the opponents to bid when it's their hand) AND because they provide a good description of your hand (making it easier for your partner to bid when he has strength). To play Weak Two-Bids, you and your partner must agree to change the meaning of all four opening Two-Bids. The new meanings are:

Watch the vulnerability!

If you're not vulnerable, you can open a Weak Two with very light hands:
K109654  43  753  K5     or  432  AQ9875  753  5
A vulnerable Weak Two should promise a stronger suit and more playing strength:
KQJ987  4  764  K54     or  73  4  AQJ1084  J1085 .

Responses to a Strong 2C Opening

After 2D (the most common response), opener will bid his long suit. You can then bid naturally (raise his suit with support or bid a 5+-card suit of your own).

If you have a "double negative" (0-3 pts. with no fit for partner), respond 2D, then bid the cheapest number of notrump over partner's rebid. You can then stop below game (3H, 3S, 4C or 4D) if partner doesn't have a super-strong hand.

Responses to a Weak-Two Opening (2D, 2H or 2S)

Partner's Weak Two is a preempt -- you're not obligated to respond unless you want to preempt higher in his suit or try for game. The meanings of responses are: To assess your chances for game, don't count points. Since you have a picture of partner's hand, you should instead count winners and losers. For example:
QJ52  J  KQ732  AQJ
If partner opens 2H, pass. Even though you have 16 pts., your poor fit gives you little hope of game. You have 4 possible losers in the outside suits and partner could have 2 heart losers. Even if partner has an outside Ace or King, you can't count 10 tricks. However, if partner had opened 2S, your trump fit makes this hand much more powerful, and you would bid 4S.
J854  6  KQ65  KQ73
If partner opens 2S, bid 2NT to ask for an outside Ace or King. If he answers 3C or 3D, bid 4S. Count your tricks: 3 in the minor where partner has the Ace, 1 in the other minor, 5-6 spades (your length fills in his suit) and 1 or more heart ruffs in dummy. If partner instead answers 3H, you aren't sure of game, so bid only 3S and let partner decide.

Copyright   Karen Walker