Responder's Bids in Competition

An opponent's overcall of your partner's opening bid can make it more difficult for you to find an accurate response. Many partnerships run into trouble because they aren't sure of how -- or if -- the intervening overcall should change the meaning of responder's actions.

If your partner opens the bidding and your right-hand opponent (RHO) makes an overcall, most of your responding bids carry the same general meaning as those you would have made if your RHO had passed. Some responses, however, should be shaded up or down somewhat. In general, your "freebids" of notrump should be near the top of your range. Your suit bids, however -- especially when you're raising partner's suit -- need not show anything extra. Here are some guidelines for choosing your response:

If partner opens and your RHO overcalls a suit :

If partner opens and your RHO overcalls 1NT:

If partner opens and your RHO makes a takeout double:

Karen Walker