Recommended Web Sites for Beginners

Teach yourself to play:

Learn to Play Bridge I & II -- Start your self-teaching project by downloading these free software packages from the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). You can take the lessons offline, at your own pace. You need no prior card-playing experience.

Bridge for the Absolute Beginner -- Introduction to bridge from Baron-Barclay

Introduction to bridge -- ACBL's concise overview of the purpose of the game and the basics of bidding and play.

Richard Pavlicek's Beginner Lesson -- An excellent overview for the complete beginner, with a link to the full text (12 chapters plus quizzes) of Pavlicek's Bridge Basics textbook.

Bridge World Magazine Introduction to Bridge -- Detailed articles on the basics (even on how to deal the cards!), written by well-known bridge writers.

MSN Bridge lessons and beginner tips -- Rules, quizzes and an archive of articles for learners.

Bridge Today Beginner Lesson -- An interactive introduction to the basics.

Improve your skills:

Fifth Chair Bridge Lessons -- Guidelines, tutorials and quizzes on beginner topics, hosted by a foundation devoted to attracting new players. training -- Online instruction, tutorials, quizzes and drills for beginners and intermediates.

Mastering Bridge -- Articles and instruction from Masterpoint Press.

Learn about scoring and proprieties:

Rubber-Bridge Scoring -- A handy, one-page scoring chart for rubber bridge from Baron-Barclay Bridge Supplies.

How to Keep Score -- Examples and instructions for Chicago four-deal bridge from Richard Pavlicek.  

Take lessons:

Bridge Teachers  -- Find a bridge teacher or class in your hometown in this listing from the American Contract Bridge League.

American Bridge Teachers Association -- A state-by-state listing of ABTA member teachers.

Bridge Today University -- Weekly email lessons from leading bridge writers and teachers.